Welcome to Human Hive Learning, where we help to make your children’s development feel safe, purposeful and deeply beneficial to both their education and their wellbeing, during the COVID crisis and beyond. Starting with a live webinar hosted by founders Kate and Darren, we’ll give you the tools to help your kids take charge of their learning, whatever their age.

2020 has been
a challenging
time to be
a parent.

On top of so many other worries, child care and education have taken a huge toll on working families, and the prospect of continued uncertainty means added pressure for the foreseeable future.

You're doing your best, but you have the nagging feeling that, even with schools now reopened, your children are missing out on the quality education they deserve - an education that is supposed to set them up for future success.


But we can help.

Schools are, rather heroically, doing what they can. But the current situation is causing a huge amount of anxiety and uncertainty in your children, which in itself is affecting their ability to learn. As Government rules change we may be looking at an autumn and winter of sporadic school closures, more screen based distance learning or even complete closure for several months as we saw in the first half of the year.

We now know that long term anxiety can become wired into the neural networks of the brain, affecting life prospects long term. And the effects don't stop with children. Parents living with this kind of pressure can also start to feel the same kinds of issues, setting up a feedback loop in a household where everyone's stress affects everyone else. But it doesn't have to be this way, and this is where Hive Learning comes in.

"It has been great to be part of the human hive. I have been able to see this teaching method unfold and it is brilliant"
Natasha, Parent

We believe that real change happens when you supercharge the power of people to help themselves, giving them:

  • Tools to build psychological and
    emotional safety
  • Connections to others to feel a sense of belonging
  • Access to meaningful opportunities to apply their learning for a purpose

Human Hive Learning is an approach to learning which connects the mind and body and drives a virtuous learning cycle, as Human Hive founders Darren and Kate explain in this short video.


In a two hour webinar we'll give you a 6 Step framework to help you set up safe, effective learning environments at home.

and receive:

  • 2 hour online training session led by the founders of Human Hive Learning
  • 3 months of membership of a dedicated online group of parents from all over the world
  • Access to an online resource of Hive Learning activities and projects
  • Monthly Q and A with founders
  • Discounted access to full Human Hive Learning training

"Darren and Kate have the perfect recipe for a better future for our future generations as well as our own."
Liz, Mum and Music Teacher