We are Kate McAllister (teacher) and Darren Abrahams (therapist) co-founders of The Human Hive, who work with individuals and organisations to make a more welcoming and inclusive world. We provide training, support and resources for co-creating educational solutions WITH, not FOR others. We believe that real change happens when you supercharge the power of people to help themselves, giving them:

  • Tools to build psychological and emotional SAFETY
  • Connections to others to feel a sense of BELONGING
  • Access to meaningful opportunities to apply their learning for a PURPOSE

We are experts at forging links across communities that have been divided, and building skills, knowledge and positive relationships through shared learning experiences.


Is a qualified teacher, Associate of the UCL Institute of Education, Fellow of the Chartered College of Teachers and The RSA. She has been designing & delivering inclusive education models that not only improve exam results but better prepare young people to lead enriching lives for nearly two decades. Her passion for making education accessible for all has led her to work with wonderfully diverse populations ranging from excluded teenagers to people living in refugee camps, corporate teams in large global organisations and teachers & pupils in elite international schools. When people understand how learning happens, they can harness and maximise their own learning potential. Helping people feel empowered to lead the lives they choose is at the heart of all Kate does.



Is a coach, therapist, trainer and educator and the creator of many programmes designed to expand the potential of individuals and groups. He works internationally as a facilitator and project leader in the fields of personal and community development. He is a qualified trauma therapist, a Certified High Performance Coach, a fellow of The RSA and a professional singer. He is Wellbeing Adviser and trainer of trainers for Musicians Without Borders and an expert at making people feel safe while bringing communities together to heal.